Annette Taylor-Anderson

Award-winning founder and surface design specialist Annette Taylor-Anderson set-up her UK brand ATADesigns in 2006. Her work has appeared in both UK and International magazines, and has strong interest from the corporate and retail markets.

In 2011, Annette and Interior Designer Adrienne Chinn were awarded winner of the Design & Architecture Awards by Design et al for best wallpaper.

As Creative Director, Annette’s main focus is on producing pattern surface designs for the interior market. With a constant flow of ideas and energy, Annette’s inspiration is drawn from everyday surroundings observed from the diversity in culture, architecture, music, and fashion. Her unique styles suit contract wallcoverings perfectly. Annette is always in search of new ideas, bringing fresh concepts into each design, making them unique, and can be adapted according to taste and colour-way.

Annette Taylor-Anderson's designs